Summertime Car Shows – an American Tradition



Car enthusiasts in small towns all over the county come together under clear summer skies to marvel at autos from years gone by.  Our little town is no different.  Last weekend the center of town was filled to the brim with cars, trucks, motorcycles and even a boat!

We love walking around with the pup, looking at auto models we owned in days gone by, and those that pre-date our memories.  We can remember when the streets were filled with the style and color of decades worth of cars – from the 50’s to the 70’s as teens.  Large and small, convertibles, station wagons, campers ….  they were everywhere!



For me, much of the beauty is in the details.  How the light plays on the chrome, what I see reflected in the back of a mirror, or a polished hubcap.  And the colors!  From a  turquoise Mustang to a rose pink Chevrolet – and the matte blue pain on the low rider above – it was a beautiful rainbow of cars.


Of course most of the entries for car shows are already completed works of art.  But my eye landed on this old ford truck – with all the dents, rust and broken glass.  I love the texture and contrasting colors that the patina of age reveals.  And that hood ornament!  I won’t lie – I took several photos of her. ( Showing restraint, I have only published two here!)


The owners of these cars seem to have so much fun decorating them!  This VW van was outfitted with all the necessities, including a brownie camera.  From the diminutive Thunderbird with the porthole windows, to the classic pickup truck, they are all beautiful.  And we love taking that trip down memory lane whenever we get the chance.

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this morning* in my garden

This morning I was sitting in the sun on the deck. It was a peaceful morning with just enough breeze to move the chimes to music.  A perfect August day.  Cool air touching my skin, the colors of summer surrounding me.  There is much to see in my garden in the summertime.  Every year is different, but there is always something that my eyes come to rest on over and over.  These are just a few of those things.

Enjoy the photos with captions. You can either scroll down the page with the thumbnails or click the first image for a photo carousel of larger images to click through. 

*Sharon ~ from my garden

Summer * began on Tue, Jun 21, 2011 and ended on Fri, Sep 23, 2011 *

As I begin to put my garden to bed for the season, I think about our Summer … and I wonder what remains?  For me, there is always the many new images I have taken.  In the 94 days of Summer 2011 I took countless photos of my garden, the gardens of friends, of strangers and of public gardens.  With me in those gardens every time, were the insects of Summer, doing their work. They don’t seem to mind having an audience, in fact they barely know we are there.   I have already shared with you my series of the bee on the echinacia in  this post from August , if you would like to see more.

I have for you today six images from this summer. These insects will remain with me because I was there to capture their fleeting beauty on a long Summer’s day.

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Ahhhh, its August !

Its no secret that I love August. Most years its one endless hot sunny day after another, mornings less hot and afternoons breezy and dusty. Evening strolls into night, which is often the best weather of the day with no unrelenting sun to hide from.  There are vacations, and summer projects to be done, County Fairs to attend, and picnic’s to go to.  As a kid we loved the freedom, but there was always the specter of a new school year in the air.

This morning I look out on a summer morning that is quite different. Now, we all know that the weather of 2011 has been anything but predictable, especially by the standards of the record books. But it feels to me that I have been plunged right back to the summers of my mid-west roots. And I love it!

Morning cloud cover keeps the heat at bay, the afternoons are sweet and a bit humid, and the evenings are fluid and still.  My garden looks wonderful, the grass is happier with the cooler temps and isn’t taking a daily beating from the sun.  Roses are finally not being tattered from the (unusual) mid-July rains, and giving me some beautiful mid-summer blooms.  Its true that everything is late this year, so I finally have an eggplant peeking out from the leaves of my potted veggie garden. Its about the size of a  lime right now. (Planted the plant in June) But with weather like this to wake up to, I don’t mind a few late veggies.

As always, I have been out taking photos and enjoying every minute of it. Last week I was in the Portland International Rose Test Garden taking pics. On Saturday Hubby and I went for a drive in Portland’s industrial district to look around and shoot some neat stuff he has seen while making deliveries for his company.  And the weather was perfect!

I have been busy with a project that is mostly complete, I know I owe you all pictures from Dulcy’s garden.  Those will be coming later this week, and hopefully some other I have been working on.  For now, I will leave you with a request:  Tonight, when the stillness has returned along with the darkness of the August night, step outside and breathe deeply, close your eyes and return to those August nights long ago, when you didn’t have a deadline or a to-do list.  I will be there with you, looking at the stars.