Let’s Talk Crochet

What are you passionate about? What do you daydream about, spend your money and time on? What are you good – even great – at?  Have you spent a lifetime perfecting your craft, or is this a new vocation/hobby/obsession?

one of my oldest doilies

I have spent a lot of time on my blog talking gardens, photography, travel, pets …  the one thing I have never really covered is my OTHER passion – Crochet! And it occured to me, as the calendar turned to another decade and I face another milestone birthday, that I have been crocheting for upwards of 50 years.  50 – YEARS.  Dang! That’s a long time to stay engaged in a hobby.

I have had a hook in my hand longer than a camera, or garden trowel.  And these days I crochet (nearly) every evening as the day winds down. I look forward to travel to explore our wonderful world – but also as an opportunity for non-stop crochet during the trip!

This is a photo of my crochet kat, Julian, with Illyria doily on the ferry to Dublin in 2018.

two doilies ready for entry in the county fair

Crochet is my  passion, the thing I look forward to, plan for, daydream about. I can crochet in all kinds of weather, I can take it with me for long drives, or long waits. I feel like I am accomplishing something when I have a hook in my hand.  I love all kinds of projects from scarves to toys to household decor.  But the one thing I love the most is making lace, making doilies and table runners and borders for things I like to sew.

Years ago, when I was much younger and raising two babies I had a lot of time on my hands and not a lot of money.  We lived in an isolated area, so I didn’t work at the time.  My mother suggested that I try a hand at making doilies.  Back then the choices were slim pickings.  Pineapple motifs, ecru and whites. Not the fun rainbow colors we have at our fingertips today.  But I was hooked anyway.  Over the years I am pretty sure I have hooked over 100 doilies.  I still have many of them.

With the advent of the internet and sites like Ravelry , Pinterest and Facebook we have seen a renewal in our craft.  There are younger designers making beautiful artistic patterns, all available with the click of a mouse (or tap on your cell phone). And the tried and true designers are there too, working hard to keep us engaged with new designs and re-mastering old favorites.

Pictured: Icarus and Illyria by Grace Fearon and Pineapple Song Oval by Patricia Kristoffersen

Whew, I guess you know now how I really feel about this.  I just wanted to share a few of the doilies I have made in the past couple of years, but the backstory just took over! In the coming months I would like to share more of my work – both doilies and fun yarn projects too. I hope to inspire you to go out there and find the thing that you love to do with your time, your hands, your money. Enjoy this journey, and the photos to follow.

If you wish to find out more about these projects, and the designers that created these wonderful works you can see them all in my Ravelry projects.

Stay tuned for more crochet, garden and travel fun this year!

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