In the path of totality: 8.21.17

It was a much anticipated celestial event.  And it didn’t disappoint…

The Great American Eclipse of 2017.  Here in Oregon, the day dawned clear and warm – just the way that an August morning should.  Amid all the hype, we managed to find a special place to witness natures most beautiful sight.  Hubby and I hopped on the motorcycle at 7:30 am and rode into Woodburn. It was a perfect morning for a ride.  We skirted around the busy highways and stuck to country back roads.  We did run into a bit more traffic on the way home after 11, and gridlock continued into the evening hours on Oregon roads.  We spent the morning in the garden of a friend, among her family and friends.  We had snacks, and afterwards a scrambled egg breakfast.  And there was even a small wedding ceremony, under the waxing eclipse, to the surprise of our host (and mother of the groom) The story continues with the photos below:


There are times that a photo can’t tell the whole story.  This is one of those.  As we watched the glow of the sun being swallowed by the shadow of the moon the very air around us began to change.  The first thing we noticed was a change in air temperature.  It was a fine August morning, and the sun had begun to heat the air toward the eventual 90° temps we enjoyed that day.  But as the moon made it’s way across the sky, the air began to cool, and at totality there was definitely a chill in the air.

Did you know that light has a temperature too?  That also began to change as the shadow grew.  At first it was just a dimming of light.  At about the 50% point we began to hear the crickets calling, and noticed the bees sleeping on the flowers in the garden.  The quality of the light went from the usual warm white to a more golden, dimmer feel.  At almost total the light had an eerie blue-green quality – almost like we were under water, or looking through a screen of some kind. We were all watching the sun, but every once in a while someone would remind the group to look around at the garden.  We were amazed with each moment that passed.

And then the eclipse reached totality.

The sky had been getting darker and dimmer with each moment.  At the moment of the total eclipse the sun went from black to a pure, bright white light around a black hole in the sky.  Everyone exhaled with amazement at what we were witnessing.

Simply the most beautiful thing I have ever seen with my own eyes.

Nothing can prepare you for seeing such a sight, and the emotion that it invokes – we were IN the experience like you can’t be by looking at a photo.  The cool air on our skin, the glow of the sun on our face, the sound of the night insects and birds and shared expressions of awe. It was a complete body experience, and communion with each other and nature.   And one I can’t wait to have again.

Below are the humble photos I was able to take with my little SLR camera and special filter.  I hope you enjoy them, and feel just a bit of the awe that I did as I was pressing the shutter that morning.

(if you click on one photo a slideshow will appear to view the photos with)



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