Sightseeing in California

I recently packed my bags, loaded up the Pup and took a short road trip with Hubby in the Big Blue Truck. Destination: California! Our first stop was Sacramento to visit friends. We took a day trip to Amador Flower Farm and walked the daylily fields. And you know we filled the back of her car with plants to take home!

Heading south to Long Beach, Hubby and I went to see the Queen Mary, docked in the harbor. Christened in 1934 by Queen Mary herself, she has carried royality, WWII troops and war brides, presidents and heads of state, movie stars and celebrities across the Atlantic.  The RMS Queen Mary has been in her Longbeach berth since 1967, and used as a movie set for numerous movies including The Aviator, Pearl Harbor and Parent Trap 2.

Just down the road we found ourselves on board another ship, this one with a very different purpose. The battleship USS Iowa, the largest battleship in the US fleet. We were able to tour the ship from top to bottom. I even had the privilege of being able to see areas of the ship off the tour route to view several of the murals on the ships bulkhead. She served our country from 1939 – 1990, and carried the nicknames “The Big Stick” (1952), and “The Grey Ghost” (Korean War).


While these ships have very different missions, they also shared a common purpose. Both ships earned their keep in the service of their countries during the war:RMS Queen Mary carrying Winston Churchill on diplomatic missions – USS Iowa transported Franklin Roosevelt across the Atlantic for the same reason. From a bygone era to more modern times, their current roll telling their stories is priceless.

*S.  If you need me, I’ll be in the garden. 

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One comment on “Sightseeing in California

  1. Margueritte Kosovich says:

    I love the photos, Sharon. Thank you for sharing.


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