The flowers of spring

As our seasons transition from spring to summer I wanted to share some of the beauty from the season.


We had a really dreadful winter, with record rainfall, ice and storms.  When the calendar gave us spring, we had hope for warmer, drier weather. But alas, Mother Nature had a different idea.  We continued to have record wet weather through March and April. It wasn’t until early May that we finally saw a reprieve.

Of course, the plant world doesn’t mind a few wet, gray days.  And we were very ready to welcome any sign that spring and summer was really on the way.  From the early tulips, trillium, columbine, iris, flowering currant, lilacs and even iconic dandelions that we can always count on came the hope for better days ahead.  Rhododendron, snowball bush, viburnum, lupine and may-apple signal mid-spring is briefly upon us.  Some early summer flowers tease that summer will arrive soon –  poppies, clematis,  and old garden roses.

Enjoy the photos – to view the photos in a slideshow format simply click on the first photo and go from there.


*S.   If you need me, I will be in the garden




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