Road Trip!

It’s been almost a year since I last climbed into the passenger seat to join Tim for an adventure. We had the chance to take a load of Oregon Christmas trees to Texas this year, so away we went!

San Antonio is home to his extended family, so we made plans to spend the Thanksgiving holiday at their table this year. The trip takes us over 3 days, and since we were hauling a pretty heavy load it was 4 very long days from door to door.

We ran through rain, sunshine, mountains, desserts, interstates and two lane roads. The scenery was amazing, seasoned by the color of autumn clouds as we drove through Canby CA, Reno NV, Tucson AZ, over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam area in AZ. We saw rainbows as we left OR, in Indian Wells NV and a Fire Rainbow in Tuscon AZ.

After we arrived there was plenty of time for taking walks with the pup. We checked out the neighborhood. And I loved seeing all the beautiful plants in the southwest gardens. There was even some early holiday decorations!

We spent a few hours at the San Antonio Botanical Garden the day after Thanksgiving. The plants and landscaping in the Botanical gardens were amazing! We strolled through the children’s vegetable garden with festive scarecrows, saw amazing cactus gardens and super cool demo areas with exotic plants like frankincense and myrrh, and a cocoa tree.

I hope you enjoyed my story, we sure had a good time. See y’all next time!


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