Raindrops on Iris

It was a cool rainy June morning when we all climbed into our cars, heading out to view some iris.  The road led us to a farm along the Columbia River in Washington with views of the Columbia Gorge and the hills of Oregon.  Our host for the tour of his amazing gardens and Iris farm was Chad Harris.

Undaunted by the rain, he showed us around his personal gardens of trees and lovely perennials, all the while explaining how his garden came to be, and the plans he has for it in the future.  He shared with us tips for growing successful iris and just general gardening. We viewed his iris fields from every angle, walking on the soggy ground to see each planting.  After a picnic lunch in the shelter of his deck we once again headed out to the fields where he generously shared with us rhizomes of his wonderful work – all the while telling us about what he was doing and patiently answering our many questions. Thank you Chad for spending your day with us!  

Despite the chilly, rainy day we each had a wonderful time.  And brought home with us not just the iris cuttings but a memory of yet another beautiful time spent among friends.

Click the first image for the slideshow carousel. 

 Mt. Pleasant Iris Farm, Washougal ,Washington




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