March * a new calendar & a new season

The weather has begun to turn here in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s decidedly warmer, tho no less wet out there.  Especially today.  But I am able to have the sliding door cracked open to hear the sounds of the rain falling, dripping from the fir trees in the yard.  The chatter of the birds adds a pleasant tone to the chorus.

I spent several hours in the garden yesterday preparing my pots for the new season.  I like to  pamper my potted fuchsias, roses and hosta’s with new soil, fertilizer and a trim to start their growing season off right.  And today nature is taking care of the watering chore for me.

I have a potted cherry tree on the deck.  I rescued this plant from a parking lot sale too many years ago to count. It was just a twig then, and on the way to the dumpster when I pulled up.  The guy gave it to me, he was just packing it in for the season and didn’t want to bother with taking it home.  I don’t know a serious gardener out there that hasn’t gone through this phase: all plants must live, no matter what!!

I dutifully brought my gift home and put her in a pot.  I think it’s been over 15 years, but I am not sure.  The cherry is a weeping variety, and isn’t much bigger than a twig, even now.  She is like a large bonsai on my deck.  She lives in a big green pot with a native bleeding heart and some other ground cover planted below her branches.  Sometimes I put lights in her during the summer, and at Christmas I hang ornaments from her branches.  No matter the season, she is a centerpiece on the deck.

cherry buds

This year I decided to take snapshots of a bud unfurling from the first time I noticed the buds swelling.  It’s only been a few days, so I only have two pictures right now. You will have to come back to see the complete series, but for now, the March calendar is graced with the image I took this week.


03 March 14 Cherry Buds



To see photos from 2012 featuring the cherry tree during a March snowfall see this post: sharons garden 2012 march edition


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