* Valentines Day

A definition of Valentines Day, paraphrased from Wikipedia: The day was first associated with romantic love in the 18th-century England. It evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines”). 

It’s the day when the whole world turns red and pink.  Tokens of our affection are handed out in the form of sweets, cards and flowers.   We decorate our world with heart shapes in all colors but mostly traditional reds, pinks and whites.  Retailers began reminding us there is money to be spent just after the clearance tags were put on the un-sold Christmas merchandise.

crochet heart

This week I have been observing people as I go out on my errands.  Actually, it’s mostly the men that I have been watching.  I have seen them quietly thumbing through greeting cards at the gift stores, hovering around the candy displays at the grocery stores, and choosing bouquets of  all kinds in the warehouse market.   The are alone, they are moving like ghosts or shy children, unsure of what to choose.  They don’t speak to anyone, and the expressions they wear on their faces is all the same: a kind of shell-shocked, am I doing this right kind of look.  Mostly over 30, they obviously care very much about getting it right: the once a year public display of affection.  It’s priceless!

cross stitch heart

This week I also paid a visit to Youngest Daughter.  She was making a Strawberry Valentines cake to share with her co-workers at a Sweets potluck.  She is so into holidays and creating things for her friends and family; I love watching her create!    

making the strawberry cake

And of course I can’t resist the opportunity to create a photo to share in my own way, too.  For the grand-kids there are heart shaped boxes of candy and craft kits to deliver sometime this weekend, and Saturday Hubby and I will spend the day together running errands and sharing a nice meal with all the other Valentine couples.

strawberry cake

Tomorrow the moment will be gone, and clearance stickers will mark the unsold candy and gifts at the stores.  Florists will breathe a sigh of relief that another year has come and gone, and count the receipts from all the dozens of red roses sold.  The boxes of chocolates will be opened and shared, the valentine cards displayed for a week or so, and new jewelry proudly shown off.  

red rose

I feel so fortunate to have my family and friends, and love having days like to this to reflect on how blessed we are; and to express my feelings publicly.  I hope you find some love in your little corner of the world! Happy Valentines Day.   ♥


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