It’s Calendar Season*

Every year for as long as I have had a computer I have created a calendar for my family.  It was started as a gift to my mom many miles away, as a way to stay connected.  Those early calendars were full of photos of my girls and our family from the year, and even older.  The first efforts were created with the very earliest version of Photoshop, called Photodeluxe then.  The photos were mostly scanned from prints in my many photo albums.  As computer imagery became more sophisticated and I was able to afford a digital camera the work became easier (no more scanning!!) I became better at working with the photo editing tools of Photoshop, and my efforts became more complicated and creative.  

When mom died I didn’t have the heart to continue with the family oriented theme. I still wanted to create an annual calendar, the direction just changed a bit.  I just love having a new image with the turn of the calendar page every month, and in fact I have almost 10 calendars in use in  my home every year. (Including my own.)

This year’s calendar is different than previous years in that I have included artwork from another artist.  My sister in- law owns Paper Parachute, an art rubber stamp company.  I decided to include her wonderful designs on the pages of the 2014 calendar.

Here is the Wall Calendar, with captions about the images.  Scroll down for the Desktop photo calendar.  Both calendar’s are offered for sale, please take a look at my website for details (  I am also on Facebook, and would appreciate a “share” with your friends.  (Clicking the image will open the carousel to view the comments in full.)

The desktop photo calendar is printed as a 4×6 photograph.  The challenge with creating this format is balancing the opacity of the background image with the calendar numbers.  The same images are featured, but the embellishments are reconfigured and the cropping is changed some too.


One comment on “It’s Calendar Season*

  1. […] created a wall and desktop calendar for purchase. You can see the full calendar on my recent post It’s Calendar Season, the calendars are available to purchase on my webpage, and if you pre-order before Friday, […]


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