Walking down the garden path * a Portland, Oregon garden

Walking down the garden path: an occasional series. 

One of the groups I belong to has a monthly outing related to our common passion of gardening.  Last week we were lucky enough to be able to tour this beautiful garden, located in an established Portland neighborhood.

garden from the street

It was a late morning in June, with overcast skies and sprinkles of rain drifting down on us, reminding everyone gently that even though the calendar says summer, we are not quite done with the rain.  Our host was very patient with all our questions about her wonderful gardens and the unique plants that we found there.  We walked around looking, taking pictures and chatting with each other.  What a perfect morning!

I will let the photos tell the story from here ~ to view the pics full size click the first image to open the slideshow.

And of course I can’t resist the opportunity to play a bit, these photos have been stylized: just for fun!!


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