A Season of Change and Renewal*

a re-posting of my submission to the Three Rivers Artists Guild blog. 

Here we are, mid-autumn and just beginning to enjoy all the wonderful things that the season has to offer!  Families are looking forward to annual Thanksgiving get-togethers, gardeners are getting ready for the winter storms, retailers are stocking shelves for the coming Holiday shoppers.

As a photographer, I am watching the light change as the sun falls lower into our sky.  The golden quality of sunlight in the fall is magical.  Filtered through the changing leaves, blowing through storm clouds as they are carried by the changing weather, drifting through the mists of an early morning fog.

In our busy world, it pays to stay one step ahead of the calendar if you can.  So even though the arrival of fall has been exhilarating, my mind has been on the Holidays and Christmas for some time now!  As a member of the Three Rivers Artist Guild I serve on the Holiday Art Show Committee.  For us this means the planning process begins almost as the last show ends.  And when the calendar page turns to September we hit the ground running with all there is to do.  Its wonderful to be a part of an enthusiastic group that shares the same interests and passions, as well as challenges and difficulties.  For most of the artists I know the Holiday season is about the balancing act of creating business, creating art and quality family life.

I do love the holidays; each year I take many photos with the idea of future art in the back of my mind.  I love creating holiday greeting cards with my images for my own use and for sale at the holiday shows.  Since the very beginnings of computers in the late 80’s I have enjoyed creating my own holiday greetings for family and friends.  But what a difference in what could be created between then and now!  Back then it was a sheet of paper with colored ink and a rough drawing, maybe a verse and some hand applied glitter.  The paper was folded in quarters to make the “card”. Today’s efforts are digitally created photos expertly printed on beautiful papers; something that is both a pleasure to give and to receive.

As a new member to the Three Rivers Artist Guild I am just beginning to discover all that the guild has to offer.  A new business partnership with my husband has taking much of my time; having the guild as resource for so many things will be a big help and time saver to me in the coming year.  In the short time I have been involved with the group I have made some great connections and the beginnings of future friendships.

Fall is like an awakening for the senses; the mild scent of the falling leaves, the kiss of the chilling winds touching bare skin, the light casting longer shadows, the call of the geese overhead as the migrate, the sweet flavors of harvest time. So I really try to take a moment and just BE, and let the season of change be a season of renewal in preparation for the months ahead.



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