* Red Sunflowers and other photos (with a calendar too!)

I woke up to another beautiful fall day, feeling quite productive and creative.  Sitting down at the computer this morning I decided it was a good day to make some art!  I have been spending so much time on projects for others, and volunteer work and boring housework … I wanted this beautiful day to be for my own benefit.

When I sat down I decided it was time for a new calendar wallpaper for my computer, so I went thru some recent photos I hadn’t even really looked at.  These 3 pictures are what caught my eye, even tho I wasn’t looking to make more sunflower art.  After several hours of edits, I came up with these 4 versions.

Now how do I decide which one to use? I think this is what you have friends for, right?  So I fired off an email to my BFF in Cali to let her make the choice.  It’s perfect!

Enjoy your new wallpaper, and feel free to share! Just leave me a “like” for payment.

right click the image to download the full size wallpaper …

click the first image below to view in a photo carousel


2 comments on “* Red Sunflowers and other photos (with a calendar too!)

  1. Candace says:

    I’d love to see a red sunflower!


    • S. Andrews says:

      This one was in a farmers field, they are quite common here. I see them in the selection of seeds every spring. I wonder if you could plant your own?


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