the summer of the sunflower *

Summer is winding down, the plants are in full harvest mode by now.  I was on the deck this morning enjoying a peaceful, perfect summer morning when the bird-planted sunflowers in my garden caught my eye.  As you know, I sometimes forego my Canon camera in favor of the camera on my smartphone.   What I give up in quality I benefit in flexibility and truthfully, the fun factor!  I happily whiled away about an hour or so snapping pics and editing using the Instagram app; so to usher out the incomparable month of August on the last of her 31 days, here are some of those snapshots I took this morning.

*You would think by the pics I have posted this summer I have done nothing but sit in my garden of sunflowers and roses.  The truth is, I have been so busy with volunteering, and joining Hubby on the road in his new adventures as a long haul trucker, I have had little time for any real blogging.  There are really hundreds on pictures that I have taken, with  no time for editing!  There will be plenty of time when the winter rains arrive to sort and share those memories, so stay tuned …  * Sharon


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