Old Glory

This eve of the U.S. celebration of our independence finds me with a lot on my mind. I am away from home on a road trip with my Trucker Hubby.  We have driven many miles on the highways of our great country; we have seen many of the scenic vistas that those roads have to offer.  And the one thing that always makes me pause and take the time to compose a photograph is the Old Glory flying high in the breeze above one of our national landmarks.  The shots aren’t always successful, or my portfolio would be all red, white and blue!

Yesterday I got a great shot as we stopped along highway 395 in California.  This road runs between the highest peaks  and the lowest elevations in the Continental U.S.  Driving along the Sierras we passed the highest peak, Mt. Whitney at 14,496 ft.

My 2012 Independence Day photo is of the flag flying at the visitors center in the mountain shadow of those peaks.  Mt. Whitney is behind the closest peaks from this viewpoint, so it doesn’t appear to be the largest peak.  In this shots the peak is the dome shape to the right of the two needles just off the right center of the image.

Happy 4th of July, to everyone that values the freedoms we enjoy in our country; and to our brothers and sisters in the rest of the world.  


One comment on “Old Glory

  1. Lady Deidre says:

    Beautiful photograph. I love the flag too! Happy 4th
    God Bless You!


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