popping in for a quick post*

My life got so insanely busy; I mean really, how did this happen?   I feel like I have been running about a month behind since November.

And now I am almost done with a few big projects and can move on to the maintenance portion, aka the fun part!

As I mention in late March ( Late March-2012) Hubby and I started a new business.  He is happily pursuing his dream; being a long-haul truck driver.  You would think with having him gone so much of the time, I would have the opportunity to work more on my blog, among other things.  And I hope to!

The organization that I volunteer for is hosting their annual fundraiser in a few weekends: The Spring Garden Fair ( www.SpringGardenFair.org )  I do a lot of publicity for this event that includes running the  Facebook page among other things.  (www.facebook.com/groups/SpringGardenFair/ )  I love volunteering for this group, but it becomes quite time consuming this time of year!  I will be blogging about the event beginning next week, so stay tuned.

Of course the life of a gardener is always busy this time of year. I have been taking pics of my garden as she wakes up for the season to come.  I wanted to share a few of those images that I did have the time to capture with my new phone this weekend.


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