Sharon’s Garden 2012* March edition

This will be the first post of what I hope will be several over the season, covering my garden and how it changes and grows this year.

Like many gardeners in temperate climate zones, I feel that my garden never really sleeps.  There is a quiet break between the beginning of the Christmas season, after the greens for the holiday are harvested, and the end of January.  Not a lot goes on during those days, well except for maybe a bit of freeze protection here and there for plants that don’t belong in our climate zone. (But who can resist their beauty and the chance that they may actually make it thru a mild winter)!

The earliest bulbs to break the soil in my garden are my snowdrops;  one of the reasons I really love these little gems.  They are a tiny bloom with a big impact on my well being, promising the magic and beauty to come in the next year.  My first few bulbs were given to me by a fellow gardener many years ago, when we first moved to the area.   They have multiplied and spread, as promised into a nice clump right outside my sliding glass window.  And this year I had the opportunity to “Pay it Forward”, when I thinned out some stray plants this year and gave them to Jane, another fellow gardener.

But my story today isn’t just about the Snowdrops, its about all the early spring blooms that we cherish so much in our yards during the very wet late winters we get here.   Just to put it in perspective: we have had over 5 inches of rain this month, about double what they call “average” for our area.  And actually some of that “rain” was snow, which you will see in the photos too.

I began shooting for this post in the beginning of the month, but as time ran away from me and I couldn’t quite carve out the time to write, the garden changed again.  I have sunny blooms and snowy blooms, daylight and nightlight shots for you in this series.  I will let the photos tell the rest of my story.

*click the first thumbnail to open the photo carousel and view the photos with comments.


One comment on “Sharon’s Garden 2012* March edition

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