*where have I been ? !

In my self-centered mind I imagine that is running thru your head …  but of course I do know that you all have lives of your own (she says with a grin)

For January, I have made it thru my least favorite month of the year once again, having seen over 50 of them.  And so far this one didn’t do much to redeem her predecessors.

*where have I been?  I have been here, in my head just about every day.  Working on so many things right now, Hubby told me yesterday that I am busier now as a semi-retired gal, than I ever was when I was working a 9 to 5.   Three projects have occupied my time.  And when two of them are complete I can talk about them here with you.  One I am working on with my Sis-In-Law.  We are very excited about this project that we began in early December.  I can’t wait to be able to reveal the fruits of our efforts!  The most ambitious project I am working on is with Hubby.  We are making some brave changes in our lives.  Acting boldly, and with some risk on this one.  I can’t wait to share this project with you!  Its going to be the most fun, no doubt!  And of course the ongoing projects that I do for the Master Gardener chapter that I belong to, right now the Spring Garden Fair committee is working hard on the 28th Fair.  I have several roles this year that are both a challenge and a lot of fun.  The best part of the work that I do with the MG’s is all the wonderful people I have met, and the new friends that I am making.

We took a walk in the park on a dry day.

January saw me just kicking around home a lot, on the computers, trying to get Christmas put away, cleaning the house.  But Christmas is still in the living room in a small way on the entertainment curio.  The decors out in the back yard are still there, shining in the sun.  In a few weeks I will be out to prune the roses, so I will take them down then.  The garden is just so bleak this time of year, I like the color the decors provide.

January was supposed to give me more time, but as you can see from the paragraph above, that didn’t happen.  I did make some resolutions and lists.  I will have to take the time later to share those with you.  Maybe on leap day?

January saw me at the grocery store.

I love apples, and they are so beautiful at the grocery store display.


I just couldn't resist changing things up a bit ....


The color green in her very best form, the Granny Smith

Well, it was great catching up!  Time now to get back to those three projects on my mind.  Of course I resolve to blog a bit more in February, so keep checking back!

For now, if you need me I will be at my computer, looking out the window at my garden!






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