Facebook Jpeg challenge

This is a copy of today’s Facebook post …. Join me in this challenge, and don’t forget to “like” my page while you are there!

Hello everyone out there!  Its the middle of January ~ there are 60 days until the first day of spring, I think we need a challenge to help pass these wintry days.  There are a lot of 365 projects out there right now, I like the idea of one photo a day ~ there are 347 days (or is that photos ?)  to go.  Here is my take on that idea:

Part 1.  CLICK… Put all those great (and maybe not so great, but interesting ) photos that we are taking digitally to good use! Make your status updates in the form of a Jpeg image ~ a new image from that day or one that is just parked on your devices memory card.

Part 2.  POST… but with this challenge you arent tied to a photo a day, or even a week. Or even a particular subject matter either.  I will be posting on my personal FB timeline http://www.facebook.com/oregonshar  making my first post of the day a Jpeg status.   Having some days that are busier than others, I don’t always post something.  But I do have lots of pics that I take on my phone that never seem to go anywhere.  Maybe now is the time to share those.  And some days the view out my window is interesting enough to share (see today’s Jpeg post).

Part 3.  SHARE …  Take one more step, and the images that you really like, I mean really really are proud of  for some reason or another, share those here on my Uncommon Everyday Art page.  Expand your audience, get to know other people ~ and maybe learn something about yourself in the process.

Part 4. (OPTIONAL)  Tag and locate those photos too, so we can all see who what when where about the photos, and add a comment so we can know the why too! The new FB timeline is quite an exciting tool, I like the idea of making a digital journal of who we were, to reflect on later.

I want to leave you with a definition:  Photography: the word was coined by Sir John Frederick William Herschel in 1839 “PHOTOGRAPHY” is a combination of two latin words, foto- which means “light”, and grafis- which means “control”.  “Photography”, from this context, therefore means “the control of light”. Essentially, that is what a photographer does: he or she controls light that enters a camera or imaging device, so that an image is produced properly.



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