* hello, leap year!

The past few days I have been putting up the 2012 calendars around my house.  If you don’t know this about me, I love them. I even have a collection of past calendars that I use again when the year fits.  I have enough now from saving them, I think  some years I could just use my collection to populate my house. But then I wouldn’t get to shop the calendar stores at Christmas time…..

Leap years are different though. I have a chart telling me what years match.  The calendar we are beginning today hasn’t been used since 1984 (and won’t be used again until 2040).  I dug to the very bottom of my collection, to that calendar that I have been saving for 28 years.  I have been looking at it each year, as I sort in search of the proper ones to re-use.  1984 was actually a pretty significant year for me. It was the year that I was married, and we began our new life a few thousand miles from home, on the island of Guam. The actual calendar is very different from the type that I typically chose or even create for myself now.  Its the Lynn Hollyn’s Town and Country Cat Calendar, illustrated with beautiful paintings by Robert Goldstrom.

As I change the pages during the year, I will be thinking of the first time that I leafed through this calendar, and what I may have been doing that day.  And I realize with amazement that I would never have dreamed when I put that calendar up in my Michigan house 28 years ago everything that I would have seen or done.  The people I have met, the experiences I have lived.  And the ways I have both changed and stayed the same.  People say this all the time, but it has truly been an adventure.

And I made this computer desktop calendar to share with you, my readers.  You may have guessed, I like to change things up every so often.  When I update my own computer wallpaperI will post updated versions throughout the year for you to download and use as you please.  I only ask that when you download the image, please click the like or leave a comment.  Its nice to know when I have made a connection!

* click on the calendar to open the image in its own window.  from there you can save the image to your computer, and add it to your desktop wallpaper. if you have any questions or requests, send me a note ♥ 



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