Oregonshar * a review of 2011

To begin something new, sometimes a look back is a great way to start.  Before we get to my promises for 2012, I wanted to review my writings from 2011 with you, and choose some favorite images and ideas.

For me as a blogger/writer it has been very difficult to write about myself.  The galleries and societies that I have become involved with always want a bio.  The mirror gives different view than what you see.  But the one piece I still like is what I wrote about Oregonshar for the blog pages ~ if you haven’t read it yet: *oregonshar.

So, now you know why I came here.  Its been interesting to see what direction my musings took over the last year.  It took a while to get started.  Like many gardeners I know, it was the summer that really inspired me to begin my work.  A few random posts came early in the year; they were admittedly difficult and not very inspired.  It was the work of two amazing women that really inspired me, opened the door that I walked through in July. And without looking back, I have been writing and seeing differently ever since.

Dulcy Mahar and Bee helped me to discover what I had really come here to do …. so today, lets see where we have been.

In May I wrote about the Spring Garden Fair ~ I told the story of our weekend event.

This birdcage caught my eye and reminded me of the one I had when I was a kid.

In July I posted a few photos from a Master Gardeners project:  More Gardens  and began to post more photos than words.

Here is my fave image, a chance photo of a crab spider on a Calla Lily ~

A trip to the beautiful gardens at Laurel Hedge in July gave me some unique images: Just Popping In  * .

I saw an amazing plant I have seen before in gardens around Portland. A Winged Thorn Rose, I love the cool photos I was able to take with the light that day.

In July a local garden writer and beloved Portland gardener died.  Her writing was always down to earth and real.  Her weekly columns were both funny and inspirational.  I set out to photograph her garden, and wanted to share what I had seen with friends.  Thus began the format and idea for the blog that I have created since then.  There were two posts: Flamingo’s for Dulcy and A Walk Through Dulcy’s Garden.

Of the many pictures I took that day, this piece of cats painted on a weathered pain of glass and mounted in front of the window still inspires me.

In August I wrote about some of the processes I go through to capture and edit an image. I learned a lot with this series: *this and that … with pictures !

I love the way the focus drops off towards the top of this image ~

By this time I was getting pretty good with the medium and working with WordPress.  When the time came for me to produce some info about a new gallery show, I posted that info for everyone to see in this post:  my artwork ~ Uncommon Everyday Art 

My homework that week was to get a new headshot for my portfolio. Taking photos of myself is worse than writing about myself and my work !

In September I was once again in an amazing woman’s garden.  I had the wonderful opportunity to make a photo record of Bee’s garden for her family and friends.  There were two posts full of pictures of her beautiful Blue garden.  I was so inspired with her work ~ and the way she lived her life.  The photos are only a small part of the woman, and the images I shared here gave me a small taste of what I can do here for you.  Bees Garden and In her Garden  were those articles.

As I was shooting in her garden, I kept returning to this Blue Bottle Masterpiece

Taken from a visit in 2010 to Bee's Garden ....Cobalt bottles, arranged on a glass and rusty metal table.

My next few posts were personal, many were one image posts.  I made the decision to always include at least one image with each post after the success and comments I received from all of you.  As I began writing on a more regular basis I began to think ahead about what I may want to say or talk about next.  If a Picture Speaks a Thousand Words,  friends? , October, Summer Began.., Always the Photographer, Jury Duty and my Veterans Day Series (11.11.11) were all the results of this idea.  Of these posts, I liked this image the best:

I like this one so much because I created it FOR this blog post, the meaning is in the image and the date it was taken : 11.11.11

I think I am pretty much up to date.  I have been talking a lot about the Christmas Season, sharing  pics about the holidays.  Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Zoolights, Christmas Ships and my Decorating stories.  I love talking about the holidays, about taking pictures of the holidays and looking at pictures of the trees and lights and everything there is to do.  It was a very busy time, and of course my mind if filled with ways to make the 2012 season even better than this one was.  I can’t choose a favorite image, so here are three:

I always love the Christmas Ships, and rarely miss them sailing on the Willamette

All the lights were amazing, but the Croc's kept pulling me in...

I don't think I need to explain why this is a fave photo ♥

There you have it, an overlook of what I have been doing, thinking and seeing in 2011.  Tomorrow we will set the course for a new dream, the year 2012.

If you need me, I will be in the garden*  either my real one all wet and soggy in this winter rain, or the one I have created here on my computer!


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