25 photos of Christmas* decorating

A Christmas post for you, featuring photos of my home and collection of Christmas ornaments.

We have a small house … my large collection of ornaments has a big impact on my space.  I love unpacking each box and saying hello to old friends.  Since my collection has grown, I am not able to place everything every year.  I have many vintage ornaments from my Mom’s collection.  This includes a small cardboard village that I helped her set up each year. I remember sitting in the living room, placing the houses and later having her put the lights on the table, followed by the plastic shredded snow she carefully put away to use each year.  She always preferred the plastic flakes, even when new options became available.  There was a collection of Christmas Candles too.  I am not sure what was my favorite, the village or the candles.

And the tree ornaments … I have several different collections of those, including Mom’s, a Pine cone collection that I have been working on for several years now, and birds including cardinals and goldfinches … these get put on the tree, in bowls and on my Ornament Tree that I will feature in a later post. I have a collection of Christmas trees, from very small village sized to tabletop lit trees in tinsel, with fiber optics and just silk.  And the handmade snowflakes I made 20 years ago, not quite vintage but getting close!!

Enjoy my 25 photos, and Merry Christmas to you and yours ~

Click the first image to start the photo carousel and read the captions with the images

up next:  New Years Musings … resolutions, or bucket list??


4 comments on “25 photos of Christmas* decorating

  1. Sharon McCameron Whyte, MFA says:

    Love your spirit! Keep taking those wonderful photos!


  2. […] sharing  pics about the holidays.  Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Zoolights, Christmas Ships and my Decorating stories.  I love talking about the holidays, about taking pictures of the holidays and looking at pictures […]


  3. Karen says:

    It’s so special you have many of your Mom’s Christmas decorations – I love the sentimentality! I don’t have to say enjoy the season because you apparently do! Love it! Happy New Year to you….


  4. Candace says:

    Your house looks beautiful this time of year! I like when people go all out for Christmas, our little house is pretty well-packed, too. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and will have a wonderful 2012.


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