Christmas Ships * 2011

Last week September Daughter and I braved the cold to see the Christmas Ships.  They sail on the Willamette River in downtown Portland each year.  I have seen them countless times, most of those days spent soggy and very chilly.  This year we were certainly chilly, but it was so dry and crisp out, a perfect eve for taking pictures!

2011 marks the 57th year for the Christmas Ship Parade on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers in Portland, Oregon. The Christmas Ship Fleet averages about 55 to 60 boats between the two Columbia and Willamette River fleets. (taken from their webpage:

We went to OMSI to see the parade.  I love the city skyline from that view.  As I set up my tripod and began to look around, I noticed how still the water was.  Every drop of light was mirrored in the water, making the scene anything but dark.  By the end of the evening the reflections in the rippling water were much different. We left after an hour, feeling more like Popsicle’s than people ~ but I got some really great shots to share with you, and a wonderful memory of time spent with my daughter and her friend.

Click the first image to start the photo carousel and read the captions with the images

up next: some simple decorating at my home ~ did I mention I love Christmas Trees ?


One comment on “Christmas Ships * 2011

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