* ZooLights 2012

Just a week until Christmas ~ I am deep into the traditions that make this time so special for me.  The beginning of the season everything we do is like saying hello to an old friend we haven’t seen for a year.

ZooLights at the Oregon Zoo joins other zoo’s around the country celebrating the season by transforming their grounds into a twinkling Holiday themed light show.  A time of year that the animals aren’t the star attraction; the zoo population is joined by life sized and larger than life colorfully lit versions of their animal kingdom family.

*click the collage to begin the gallery carousel & view the images full size with captions

Up next: the Portland Christmas Ships ~ stay tuned !


4 comments on “* ZooLights 2012

  1. […] a lot about the Christmas Season, sharing  pics about the holidays.  Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Zoolights, Christmas Ships and my Decorating stories.  I love talking about the holidays, about taking […]


  2. Candace says:

    You got some great shots! I usually only take my point and shoot to the Phoenix Zoo’s ZooLights so the pics are kinda crappy. But we go almost every year and have for over 10 years now, it’s really fun and pretty, like yours.


  3. sittingbyfire1 says:

    For years Bee and I would take my children and her grandchildren to see Zoo Lights. We took a picnic dinner to eat at the old elephant house in Washington Park (in the bitter cold.) Bee always brought carrots, celery and black olives in the belief that eating warm food would make the ambient temperature seem even colder!

    After the frigid meal, we would go to the zoo and visit the elephants, then peek at the naked mole rats. Finally, we would stand in line for the zoo train. The excitement was unbearable! Never have I had more fun freezing to death!


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