always the photographer *

About a week ago I found myself with some time to kill between shooting photos for a clients Christmas card.   Of course I headed to my nearest Starbucks for a cup of Joe and something sweet.  Sitting down with my coffee-break meal, I had only my goodies and my Droid cell phone.  Checked email, but it was way to early for even me to be up, so there wasn’t anything new to read.  I was too distracted to do anything useful with my phone, so I turned on the camera function to play.

I realized once again that you can take the camera from the girl, but the photographer always remains.

I used the Posterize function on the phone to create the look in this shot

( The following paragraph is just my opinion, the way that I vew my craft and the equipment that I use to create it)   Let me start by giving you some Sharon-speak definitions: A camera is a tool or device used for making photos.  This device has many requirements, first being that it is a fully functional camera, with auto and manual settings, pixel ratings over 10 mp if digital and uses at least a 35 mm film.  Single Lens Reflex (viewing the scene thru the lens) is a huge plus and mainly what I use. I am aware this makes me a camera snob, but there you have it !  Anything less is not without value, but just a toy in my world.  A photographer is someone that uses a camera to make photos either for the purpose of art, or business, or portraits for a client.  Generally I think of a photographer as someone that has some education in their craft, has spent some time in training with a camera and has done some work in the darkroom.  By this definition, just by having a camera and taking photos doesn’t make someone a photographer.  Of course there is always the school of experience too, which I also give value to.  I must, since I have been in this school my whole life !!  A photographer is also someone who sees.  The light, the composition …. and can take any camera device including my Droid cell phone, and create a decent photo, or picture if you will. Its only a matter of being able to see, and understanding the medium and equipment being used. (I suppose that I should also try to define a photograph, but I think that I have subjected you to enough Sharon-speak for one blog post!!)

I can get a bit restless, and I was on that morning with my coffee.  I like to be doing something of value most of the time.  I know this about myself: I cannot NOT take pictures.  And putting that cool Droid cell phone in my hand means that I don’t ever have to be without the ability to play and take pictures.  The pictures in this post were all taken with my Droid phone within the last year.  I love my Droid. It has allowed me to scratch that itch to take a picture without being weighed down by my bulky, cumbersome camera.  It actually takes better photos than that first digital camera I had with 4 mp !  I can slip it in my pocket, and continue my walk on the beach.  I can share photos instantly, which is really one of the main uses for this toy or tool.  I stay connected, I record my travels, I play.

*click the photos to view full size images ~


4 comments on “always the photographer *

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  2. Candace says:

    Those are nice. I have to say, I’m not really into phones and just have a pretty basic cell phone with a cheapo camera but, lately, seeing iphoneography and droid photos, I am getting the itch to have one to play with the cool effects but it also kinda bugs me that everyone can now do these effects that it takes a bit of time and effort to do in photoshop. Oh, well, progress, I guess, and sour grapes from me.


    • S. Andrews says:

      Thanks Candace, for your comments. I know what you mean about photoshop. I have been using it since it was just Adobe photodeluxe, umpteen versions ago! Now its a click or a swipe of your hand to do what used to take me all night to accomplish. Maybe progress is over-rated anyway ! (my sour grapes, fifty-something talking now ! )




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