* if a picture speaks a thousand words ….

We have all heard the phrase …. it was included as lyrics in a favorite song from my love-struck teen years, if you “google” it about 89 million entries pop up.   As a photographer, I have been living that phrase with each click of my shutter for the past 40 some years.  But to be realistic, not all photos are WORTH all those words, are they?

In the spring Hubby, Pup and I were weary of being cooped up indoors and embarked on a Saturday outing to see some local Pdx sites …  the Tram at OHSU, Old Town Portland, and the Saturday Market.  Oh, and a trip to the camera store, for my birthday. Hubby got me a brand new lens. Naturally I had to try it out !

Back to the phrase, and the value of words and/or photos ….  After shooting from the tram, in the streets, macro close ups at the Market, lots of pics of each other … I downloaded everything the next day.  As I was clicking thru my shots from the day, one photo made me pause to look more closely, and really SEE what the story was. And I found the value of a thousand words in this picture.

This week I decided to take the time and do some editing on the image, and possibly have a print made for my home.  There is a personal attachment to this photo and the story, for sure.  Nonetheless, I want to share the story that this single photo speaks.

I have three different crop treatments for your viewing, and realize that each one seems to change the story, just a bit ….

*click the photos to view full size images ~ 


3 comments on “* if a picture speaks a thousand words ….

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  2. Anna says:

    An education in perspective. I appreciate that 🙂 Although I would be tempted to include the doggie in the count. But they are really a team of one, aren’t they? At least, that is how I feel when I am walking the dog.


    • S. Andrews says:

      Having this Pup has been a whole new experience. He watches me all the time, still follows me from room to room and is never too busy for a hug. And so so smart, this one ! It can be exhausting taking care of him at times, but this Pup is perfect for us! Look for more stories / photos of him down the road. Garden season is winding down and soon I will have the time to sort thru all the photo’s that have been taken so far this year.


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