*this and that … with pictures ! (echinacia with bee)

I have to start this post with a comment about this summer’s weather … since that is always on everyone’s mind.  Its been an amazing ride here in the Pacific Northwest, this morning I was dragged out of my deep 4 am sleep by the flashing of a lightning storm all around us.  No rain, just high thunderheads putting on one amazing show ! Here we just don’t get that kind of weather, or the humidity we have had the last few days. Its been a refreshing change ~

And on to the task at hand: as you all know I have been out shooting in many gardens this year. Beautiful plants and garden designs, chatting with like-minded people.  Totally a labor of love, from the passions in my life. (photography and gardening)  Today I wanted to run some really neat photos by you, show them off a little and explain my process too.  And ask for feedback.  Please take the time to comment, let me know what you like and may like to see in a print. 

One of the gardens I was in this week always seems to have the most interesting insects to see.  In June I captured an image of a Crab spider, and now I had the chance to get up close and personal with a honeybee.  He (she?) was feeding on the white and purple echinacia planted in the garden.  I had my 50 mm macro lens on the camera and just settled in, shooting over 30 images altogether.

and as always, I will be in the garden if you need me ~

* click on the first thumbnail image to open the gallery carousel.    


2 comments on “*this and that … with pictures ! (echinacia with bee)

  1. […] some of the processes I go through to capture and edit an image. I learned a lot with this series: *this and that … with pictures ! I love the way the focus drops off towards the top of this image […]


  2. […] know we are there.   I have already shared with you my series of the bee on the echinacia in  this post from August , if you would like to see […]


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