More gardens …. the marriage of two passions part II

I talked about my two passions in a previous post …. time to bring it up again!

I have been working with my Master Gardener’s chapter on photographing many of the members gardens.  This labor of love has been a wonderful way for me to get out there and just explore… the beauty of a garden well tended, the different styles and visions we all have for our space, and to see what we all do the same!

Of course the gardens all have plants, from the tiniest bloom on a bed of moss to the full size Douglas Fir trees in a forest garden.  And I have been able to capture the unexpected critter or two as well.  A crab spider on some calla lilies, a tree frog on a leaf, a swallowtail butterfly on a rhododendron bloom, Junco’s splashing in a pool of water.  (I think those have been my favorite images).  The ways we decorate our landscape are similar too. The most common decoration I have seen in the garden has been bunny statues or figurines.  And I have several of these in my own garden as well.  The most recent garden I photographed had its very own private airplane !  The home and garden are located on a small town grassy airstrip.  Tho the plane wasn’t what I found the most interesting about that particular garden. It was the Cob oven they had in place right next to the shaded deck. Very cool, I think I want one! (tho Hubby doesn’t agree !)

I have a few more gardens to photograph yet this month, I am looking forward to seeing how others use their space.  Enjoy the photos I have posted !  Let me know your faves, and look for the best of these to be added to my artwork collections in the fall.


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