is anyone out there?

Good morning world! Just a quick splash of sentences for my blog today. I can resolve to write every Monday, or Wednesday or Whateverday …. and I may just do that. In the meantime, today’s question stands!

Is anyone out there, reading these words? The ideas and thoughts racing thru my head may be useful to someone, right?

Since the subject of my blog is supposed to be photography, here goes !! We recently returned from our 5000 plus mile trip thru the West / South states, I took almost 2000 photos and walked on the North and South Rims of the Grand Canyon, saw the boarder to Mexico via El Paso Texas, visited with family in San Antonio, walked across the Hoover Dam, walked around the Las Vegas Strip … We was Hubby, Pup and I. Traveling with the pup was an adventure, sometimes interesting and at times a real pain ! Its a revelation that so many places that allow walking don’t allow dogs, something that I believe should really be changed. (that’s another post tho)

So, this is all an incomplete thought, and I will leave it at that. If you are reading this, please make a comment- however brief ! I would love to connect with someone !

for now I am out in the garden


(and I promise, photos coming soon to my blog)

Edit: I got so excited this morning when I saw that someone “liked” my post, I did the same thing and now feel like an idiot because I can’t seem to un-“like” it !  Sigh … time for another cuppa coffee and a nap ?